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About Us

We’re a team of graphic designers and print production specialists eager to offer you an experience that involves more than just a file-upload screen. Think of Image Media as your personal graphic designer and all-scale-printer – we’re ready to turn your project into our project.

There are no walls in our Portland, Oregon office and you won’t run into any working with us. We believe that personal interaction is the key to a successful relationship between our designers and customers. This type of communication leads to a better understanding of our client’s printing and design goals, which means that you will see the best possible result. No matter the size or scale of the project, we will be available throughout the process. You will see right away that working with us is different.

Located in the Pacific Northwest Since 1999, We have been providing large format printing and design services to companies and individuals around the United States. Locally owned and operated, Image Media is proudly rooted in our community, often helping local schools, events and charities with fundraising and sponsorship opportunities. We find this type of work rewarding and would love to work with your charity or school for your next event.


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