Advertise your business 24/7 with Auto Graphics

Have you ever been driving along on the road and noticed a custom vinyl wrap that caught your eye? Ever wonder how or where to get auto graphics to advertise your small business? The following steps are best way to go about getting a vinyl wrap for yourself:


Think about what to include on auto graphics

When people only have a few seconds to read the information on your vinyl auto graphics you want to make sure the important information is prominent. Phone numbers, web addresses and a list of services are some things that you’ll want to highlight. Images and graphics are important to help people visually recognize what kind of industry


Talk to a graphic designer

A graphic designer will be a huge help to you during this process. First, they will be able to help you with deciding what’s best for people to see. Second they will be able implement those ideas in a compelling and creative way. Third and finally, they will be able to take those ideas and put them onto the template associated with that specific vehicle to ensure that all of the panels of the car wrapping fit together easily.


Print the custom vinyl graphics

A print shop with a large format vinyl printer will be able to produce the vinyl wrap for you in different panels to place together on the vehicle. After printing, the vehicle graphics will need to be laminated to protect the graphics from dirt and UV radiation.


Installing the auto graphics

Finally, someone with plenty of experience installing auto graphics will make this part look much easier than it actually is. Every vehicle is different so the amount on install time will depend on how complex the car wrap is and how much total square footage is involved.


If you’re curious and want to learn about the process: check out this great video by 3M