Custom Vinyl Printing for Can Font Restaurant

Recently we were contacted by a restaurant owner in the process of opening Can Font in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon this winter. The location is the corner of NW 10th and NW Northrup in the pearl – a corner spot in the middle of a great part of town – perfect for custom vinyl printing a large display!

To utilize the window space, the owner had worked with a local freelance graphic designer on a concept for the outside of the building which consisted of paneling approximately 20 windows with text and graphics to visually represent the look and style of the restaurant and to alert people of the upcoming opening of Can Font.  Since the graphic design and concept had already been taken care of third party it was now our job to print the group of panels and prepare them for installation.


Since the panels were only going to be up temporarily – until the opening of the restaurant this winter – we needed to use a material with a non-permanent adhesive for ease of removal down the road. The print material we landed on was a MagicLee Stick-2 which we printed on with both of our Mutoh Valuejet 1624 vinyl printers which use roll media. The files were then laminated with our Seal Laminator with MacTac Permacolor Lustre Laminate to protect the vinyl from weather and UV radiation. For installation the crew utilized a wet-mount install method with the help of Rapid Tak. It took approximately six hours and two installers to complete the job.


You can see the finished photos in our portfolio. We’ve received a lot of compliments from it and we think that it’s one of the best custom vinyl printing and design projects that we’ve had the opportunity to do. Look for the restaurant to open soon – below are links from Eater PDX and the Oregonian highlighting the restaurant along with some additional details about type of food and atmosphere.

Eater PDX link:

The Oregonian link: