Wave goodbye to the CD

Earlier this year, for the first time ever – Digital music revenue overtook CD sales globally – a clear sign that the CD is on it’s way out of our lives for good. CDs had become the symbol for an entire generation of music and will be remembered for many things including: skipping when you hit a bump in your car or being unreadable if scratched or damaged. More importantly however, the CD was a cheap and efficient vehicle for transferring large digital files from one computer to another. The latter, being the reason that we originally chose a CD to represent our brand as a large format printing company.

IM_logo_blog2Since 1999, the Image Media logo has been carrying a CD with it as it’s icon: a icon, which at this point has seen it’s best years pass it by. Now, with the update of our website as the catalyst, we have decided to move away from that representation of our company and shift into a more modern and efficient logo design.

We believe that a good logo is not only meaningful, but representative of the company who carries it. The new design is able to achieve both of these goals while also increasing our visibility, whether appearing on paper or the web.

IM_Logo_Blog1The Image Media logo now incorporates some of the design elements from the previous logo while also appearing more sleek and modern. Here are some design aspects of our logo and how we were able to tie in the new with the old.

  • Colors from the previous logo have been maintained – focusing heavily on the red and black.
  • Typeface and location of ”Signs & Design” has been kept the same as a nod to the previous logo.
  • Updated font of ”Image Media” using a heavy and more modern typeface.
  • The triangular shape which cuts through our icon (on the circle and the i) represents our office space.
  • The 2 ”i”s in ”Image Media” are both consistent with the icon.

Be sure to tell us what you think about our new logo!